Have a rest by the sea

Year-round, comfortable apartments
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Have a rest by the sea Year-round, comfortable apartments 

Year-round rental of apartments in Kołobrzeg-Podczele and Ustronie Morskie.
Our apartments are located in close proximity to the sea and a wide sandy beach. We are separated from the health resort district of Kołobrzeg by the backwaters of the Eastern Ekopark, full of birds and unusual plant species.

You can reach the centre of Kołobrzeg by bike in several minutes, riding along the picturesque bicycle path along the sea.

Podczele is an exceptionally attractive place for enthusiasts of cycling trips. Along the sea dunes, through the forest and the area of the Ekopark, there is a bicycle path, which is part of the R-10 Seaside Trail. In less than half an hour we will get to the Kołobrzeg pier, while the road to the east will lead us to Sianożęty, Ustronie Morskie and further away to Mielno.


Card payment
Home accessories
BBQ spots
Comfort and space
Pools and Jacuzzis
Children's playground and playroom
Fitness room

What is worth seeing in the area?

  • Lighthouse
  • Bike trails
  • Hortulus Spectabilis gardens
  • City pier
  • Brine source
  • Entertainment town - Wild West
  • Sky Park
  • Shopping center
  • Numerous restaurants and bars

Our apartments

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Quality appreciated and confirmed by the opinions of our guests

Apartment DeLuxe 204

"Professional approach to guests. Discreet and tactful service. It is worth asking about everything before arrival. I recommend the De Luxe 204 apartment"

Apartment Bukowy las

"Very high level of service, great apartment equipment. If you care about privacy and security, I highly recommend it!"

Apartment DeLuxe 310

"Whenever I find a nice seat, time flows 3 times faster and unfortunately you have to go back to everyday life. But we are coming back relaxed and very pleased. The apartment was great. Modernly designed and comfortable. Friendly service, late departure was not a problem"

Apartment Superior 406 with sea view

"We rented one of the larger apartments in the resort (C-view No. 406). We traveled with young children. The apartment was great two rooms and a spacious living room where children could run out. Beautiful view of the pools and the entire resort. Clean, punctual service and helpful"