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§  Pier
The pier is located in the Health Resort District, next to the Bałtyk sanatorium. The first pier, which was the beginning of today's pier, was built in 1881. The structure was wooden, and at its end there was a marina for sailing ships. Unfortunately, this facility was destroyed during World War II. In 1971, a new pier was opened. Its structure is 220 meters and 9 meters wide. At the end there is a marina for cruise lines. In 2014, the property was renovated. There were, among other things, impressive, colorful light illuminations.

§  Lighthouse
The light of the Kołobrzeg lighthouse was flashed for the first time in 1666. They were burned periodically, only at the time of the planned arrival of the ships. 200 years later, the light from the lantern shone steadily. A Fresnel lamp for rapeseed oil was then used. In 1899, the light of the lantern was raised with a brick tower. The lighthouse was completely destroyed during World War II, but was quickly rebuilt. Currently, its tower is 26 meters high, and its top offers a panoramic view of the Baltic Sea and the port.

§  Museum of Polish Arms
The museum has existed since 1963 and is located in the historic Braunschweig Palace and in the building at Gierczak 5 Street. The collections include cannon barrels, collections of medieval weapons, such as blunt, cutting, throwing, fire and cutting weapons. You can admire exhibits related to the fight at sea from the 17th century - ship's compass, anchors, weapons of Swedish, Polish, Eastern and Western European origin. The largest collection of uniforms in Poland is also present here. The exhibition also includes replicas of tanks, armored vehicles and airplanes.

§  Sea and yacht port
The port is sheltered by two breakwaters and has 5 basins. The largest of them is the fishing pool. The port in Kołobrzeg is known for the largest cod catch in Poland. There is also a yacht swimming pool which is a wonderful place for walks. Cultural events are also often held here. Cruise ships also depart from the port for trips to the sea and Bornholm, among others.

§  Chair
The church dates from the 14th century and is built in the Gothic style. Due to numerous war damages, not many monuments have survived. The most valuable elements are: a seven-branched candlestick from 1327, a baptismal font from 1355, three wooden altars from the 15th and 16th centuries, and a relief "The Last Supper". On site you can also admire numerous paintings and crucifixes. An additional advantage is also the possibility of entering the church tower and admiring the panorama of the city.

§  Salt spring in Kołobrzeg
Behind the Tavern Solna, on the Solna Island, you will find a public brine spring. A stream of six percent aqueous salt solution flows out of a small gargoyle. If you like, you can try the taste of esophagus-smoking brine. It is suitable both for drinking and for pickling cucumbers :-) This water is also used in bathing in the local healing facilities.

§  Town Hall
The town hall was built in 1829-32 according to a design by Karol Schinkler. This neo-Gothic building resembles a medieval fortified castle. In addition, it is decorated with turrets, and in the center there is the coat of arms of Poland and Kołobrzeg. Among the pillars of the building there is a 16th-century pillory, called the Adebar Column, at the head of which there is a mask known from the legends about the Kołobrzeg mayor.

§  Monument of Poland's Wedding to the Sea
The monument is located in Żeromski Park on Jan Szymanowski Boulevard and it commemorates Poland's wedding to the sea on March 18, 1945. The first act of marriage took place on February 10 and 11, 1920 in Puck. Later in March 1945 in Kołobrzeg and Mrzeżyno.

§  Dune Promenade in Kołobrzeg
The promenade in Kołobrzeg begins right next to the pier and is full of cafes, fish bars, organ grinders and musicians. Here you will experience this amazing atmosphere of the Baltic promenade, which you will not find in other countries. The Dune Promenade in Kołobrzeg is a must-see for tourists.

§  Fuse tower
The tower was built in the 14th century and was part of the city walls at that time. Originally, this building bordered on a moat. It was slightly damaged in 1945. The building was built on a rectangular plan.

§  Bike trails
The international bicycle route No. 10, which runs through the communes of Ustronie Morskie and Kołobrzeg, is a picturesque route, ideal for year-round cycling trips. The route runs along the coast and joins the E-9 International Walking Trail. Following the trail, you can get to know interesting monuments, seaside vegetation and landscapes typical of the region, incl. Eko Park Wschodni (with a basin of salt peat bogs) included in the Natura 2000 area, where there are interesting species of birds, such as: red-necked grebe, bittern, cormorant, wader or heron.

§  Ship cruise in Kołobrzeg
An unusual attraction in Kołobrzeg are cruises organized on ships and "historic" sailing ships

§  Kolobrzeg Podczele air stop
A place from which tourist planes take off and where adepts of flying can learn to pilot. There are sightseeing flights over water and land, training and extreme weightless flights. Adrenaline is always high.

§  The Kołobrzeg Forest Podczele in Kołobrzeg
Podczele, the Kołobrzeg Forest is a district of Kołobrzeg, where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will get here from the center on a beautiful 4 km long bike path. You will find a wide beach, wildlife, and it is also a paradise for military enthusiasts. Podczele is a kind of open-air museum of the Russian airport base from the Cold War period. To this day, reinforced concrete bunkers have been preserved, and red stars on the surrounding buildings. Currently, the airport hosts gold enthusiasts of fast motorcycles and concerts, it is also possible to practice air sports.

§  The Lookout Tower and the Labyrinth in the Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens
The Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens are located 2 km from the Hortulus Theme Gardens in Dobrzyca and constitute a separate Garden Complex. Currently, the Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens cover an area of ​​5 ha, in which the main attraction is the world's largest hornbeam labyrinth with an area of ​​over 1 ha, in the center of which there is a 20 m high Observation Tower with an unprecedented structure. From the observation deck of the Tower there is a panoramic view of the entire Gardens and the distant coastal area - with good visibility, the surface of the Baltic Sea is also clearly visible.

§  Sky Park observation tower
The largest observation tower in Poland, put into operation in 2019, is a symbol of a new place on the map of the Kukinka Spa and Park Complex under construction. A 100-meter observation deck with 216 concrete steps leading to its top. The very entrance to the terrace is quite a feat. In addition to the health benefits, you can look at the world from a different perspective and admire the breathtaking view of the Polish Baltic Sea, sailing ships and sea resorts. In nice weather, in addition to the wonderful seaside nature, you can see in the distance the charming Ustronie Morskie and the bustling Kołobrzeg. The observation tower was built 86 meters above sea level.

§  Alte Farm Ustronie Morskie golf course
It is a professional place intended both for learning an elegant sport discipline and for training for advanced players. Here, literally everyone can play golf, regardless of age, gender, physical condition or experience. Address: Rusowo 57, Ustronie Morskie.

§  Pomerania Fun Park
The all-year-round Kołobrzeg-Dygowo Family Amusement Park is a place where there is no boredom. Carousels and inflatables, a Viking Village, a Mini Zoo, a playground open in winter, as well as themed birthday rooms and many other attractions await both small and large guests. It is the largest amusement park in the province. West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

§  Western City
This place will develop children's knowledge through games, for example, getting to know the regions of cultures such as the Northwest Coast while beating the drum, children will be able to dance and sing. They will visit the camp, which is set in the woods, hills and prairies. Bolder youth has a chance to shoot a bow and hunt buffalo. The adventure with the Indians will surely remain in your memory and will also remember something about history. Nearby is a nature reserve, a large pond and beautiful scenery.